Future Energy: Sustainable Energy Solutions for your Home

sustainable energy solutions

As global warming takes a hold, people are beginning to think more sustainability and are actively aiming to reduce their impact on the planet. There are various small steps you can take as well as large investments and everyday changes you can implement which have dramatic effect. Here, we will look at the sustainable installations you can do for sustainable energy solutions. 

Ducted Heat Pumps Installation

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, the top sustainable energy solution is a ducted heat pump. Heat pumps hold the latest, up-to-date tech which not only reduces the amount of energy used but also doesn’t directly burn fossil fuels. For this reason, you can have peace of mind knowing you are opting for an all in one heater and air conditioner which is the best for the planet.

There are a large number of styles and brands such as a floor mounted or high wall heat pump unit and  Panasonic heat pumps and Mitsubishi heat pumps. But ducted heat pumps are the best heart pumps as they reduce the amount of energy required even more, as the air can be spread through stylish ducts in desired rooms. Find stockists in your area by giving a Google search. For example – “ducted heat pump installation Auckland NZ”.

Electric cars and EV Charging Station Installation

There will be more electric vehicles being sold than gas vehicles in 2040. That means in just seventeen years, it will be the new norm. So while electric cars may seem like a choice only for wealthy drivers, they will start to become more affordable as rebates increase. With this, you should install your own EV charger in order to trickle charge overnight. This cost to charge is significantly less than petrol or gas, especially as these prices go on the rise. Over time, you will therefore save money by making the switch. Delta and Wallbox EV chargers are just some examples of the brands you can opt for, but your local will have their own range of brands. 

Solar Energy Solutions: Solar panels, solar power inverter and solar power battery

Switching to solar energy solutions is one of the best actions you can take in order to reduce your carbon footprint.  You will initially need to fork out thousands for your solar power system, however, as with most sustainable energy solutions, this pays itself off over time. This is due to the significant savings in your energy bills. Through natural solar power, your solar panels grab this energy and transform it into electricity through your solar power inverter. From here, you can hold onto additional energy with a solar power battery. This is an optional extra so if you want to initially save money, this can be held off. 

Energy Recovery or Heat Recovery Home Ventilation Systems

This last tip is only if you want to go the extra mile when it comes to sustainability. And, depending on your home’s layout, age and level of dampness, it may not be necessary. Essentially, home ventilation systems improve your air quality and enable a dry, safe home by reducing chances of respiratory illness. A heat recovery home ventilation system moves heat and can reduce your energy bill from heating, while an energy recovery home ventilation system moves heat and moisture. 

With these tips on hand, you’ll be on your way to a sustainable future!

Olivia Fairhurst is a Content Manager for Future Energy, a sustainable energy solutions company offering heat pumps, air conditioners, solar power, EV charger installation and home ventilation systems in Auckland NZ.