The Best Places in Britain to Pursue a Construction Career

construction career

After a long period of uncertainty and inevitable halts, the construction industry is gradually getting back to business. As workloads increase, more and more talented tradespeople are asked to take on the sector’s challenging, polyhedric jobs. In fact, in 2021, the demand for construction workers reached a 20-year high.  

The Construction Skills Network forecasts that by 2025, the industry will need about 216,800 new entries to keep the market rolling. So if you are looking for a change of career, or are already working in the field, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities up for grabs. From building and remodelling to maintenance and repairing duties, you can choose the role that adequately suits your skills.

Construction jobs are available all over the country. But what are the best areas in Britain to embrace a career in this rewarding industry? Here, we explore where in the UK you may want to get to work with bricks, hammers, and spanners.

1) South East

When it comes to pursuing a career in construction, the South East of England is the place to be. With a whopping 58,204 construction firms in the area, it is no surprise that this region tops our table, clinching the crown of Britain’s trades-friendly location.

On average, each business in the sector hires 210 employees, which suggests that there is a wide range of vacancies for potential workers. This is confirmed by the number of construction job posts on Indeed: there are 14,734 available roles.

What’s more, the South East has the highest number of new build constructions in the country (25,482). It is no surprise, then, that tradespeople in this part of the UK will rarely be out of work. Not to mention that construction workers in the South East benefit from a respectable salary. An average pay of £24,545 is arguably the icing on the cake.

2) Greater London

The capital city is known for offering its citizens endless opportunities, both in terms of professions and leisurely activities. In this respect, there is no hiding that London is a great location for those working in the construction sector too.

Sitting in second place, Greater London hosts 58,296 construction firms (a national record!). If you are wondering which British region has the least, the answer is the North East (9,516). As an ever-expanding metropolis, London is home to 21,617 new builds, and it rewards its tradespeople with an average salary of £26,887. Of course, it is an expensive city, but you can earn enough to make the most of its splendid amenities.

Furthermore, you can expect to have a stable and successful career. Every construction company, in fact, has an average of 209 employees, and available vacancies on Indeed amount to 8,364.

3) East

In third position, we find the East of England. The area earns itself a well-deserved bronze medal as it features 19,164 new builds in the region and has 43,461 construction firms.

On average, each business employs 172 workers, meaning that the location conceals several job opportunities. From working on construction sites to carrying around equipment with van leasing models, you are bound to enjoy a busy role. Not only is gratifying, but it is also a good source of income. In the East, construction workers tend to earn £24,177 per year.

4) West Midlands

The West Midlands only just misses out on a place on the podium. However, it is safe to say that it is still a very valid location to pursue a profession in the construction field.

One of its main advantages are the generous wages that workers can aim for. In fact, on average, a construction worker in the West Midlands takes home £23,204 every year. In proportion to the cost of living in the region, these pay rates leave employees with a decent amount of spending money.

Additionally, over the last year, the area has seen low changes in the number of equipment sold (15.10%), which indicates more stability in the sector.

5) North West

Dulcis in fundo, we wrap up our chart with another great location for aspiring – or existing – construction workers: the North West. With cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, it is perhaps not surprising to discover that the region offers many professional opportunities. On Indeed alone, there are 4,294 construction job ads.

The North West has 31,623 construction firms within its imaginary borders, and each company tends to hire around 164 employees. How much can you expect to earn? The answer is £23,800. For the area, this is a very competitive rate.

As we can see, the construction industry presents an array of possibilities and benefits for potential workers. With an increasing demand for tradespeople across the country, a job in this sector can be both rewarding and profitable.

Where will you kickstart – or continue – your construction career? We hope this list will help you make the choice that best suits your needs and ambitions.