CPOnet Creates The Guide To Sustainability In Purchasing Processes

Grupo CPOnet, a company focused on professionalizing the Purchasing function and that brings together more than 20,000 professionals in this area, with the collaboration of Imagina Energía, the first 100% solar energy company in Spain, have created the Guide to Sustainability in the Purchasing Process .

The document aims to become a support tool for Procurement professionals and to set environmental criteria in this cross-sectional area for any organization.

After several months of work and study from the sustainability group of the PFTLab think tank of Grupo CPonet, made up of professionals from different areas, they have managed to develop a work that will provide professionals with a strategic vision on how they should act to transfer the sustainability criteria to the supply chain, as it contains a proposal for concrete actions aimed at leading and implementing sustainability in organizations in a tangible way.

For Daniel Marquina, leader of the PFTLab sustainability group, “the objective is for this Guide to be a support tool in the complex process of implementing sustainability in the DNA of organizations. We are convinced that the rigorous work we have carried out will reinforce the knowledge and confidence of Procurement professionals to start new processes and implement them in their organizations, which will contribute to having a more solid and sustainable business fabric in our country “.

The Guide will reach more than 10,000 buyers in Spain and Latin America since the Purchasing function is taking a strategic role and generating value in companies through sustainability as a lever for advancement and development towards the new type of companies that society and the environment needs, complying with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The Sustainability Guide will be officially presented on November 25 at the CPOnet Annual Convention. The Guide is an open and constantly evolving document so that, through different forums and discussion channels, Procurement professionals who want to can contribute knowledge, experience and good practices to achieve sustainable projects in their companies.