Top SEO KPIs to Track Your Website Performance for Higher Search Engine Ranking 


Is your SEO technique bringing desired business outcome? How to ensure your efforts bring actual results? What can be done to improve website visibility? Having insights about right parameters, you’ll be able to get quality leads.  

A major way to track website performance is with the use of KPIs that lets you find which strategy works. Monitoring KPIs lowers operational cost and bring results in limited time frame. Most of the SEO services in India follow KPIs for smart and quick investment results. 

In this article, some crucial KPIs are discussed for better understanding. 

1. Organic Traffic 

This is an important KPI used to measure the number of visitors coming to your website. It’s a prominent factor for organic search results and a rapid surge denotes your SEO is working fine. You can use the Google Analytics tool to track the number of visitors, clicks, and daily searches in your website traffic. 

  1. Search Rankings 

SEO core objective is to get your keywords ranked in the top position of search engines. It’s not a secret the higher the keywords rank, the better is the web traffic and leads. 

When we talk about KPI, search ranking is an important factor because it directly focuses on SEO success. Higher positions in search engine help to reach crucial results including traffic, leads, and sales. Always track for the right keywords. Major SEO services in India recommend the use of popular tools like Serpstat or Ahrefs to monitor your target keywords’ search position.  

3. Links 

Links are an important SEO metric for content marketers and SEO professionals. Backlinks are highly important when it comes to desired rankings. A successful SEO strategy revolves around acquiring quality links. Make sure low-quality links are not earned. Gaining low-quality links results in negative site authority and hurt website rankings. To ensure quality links are created, it’s important to track the quality score. You’ll require backlink analysis tools for this purpose. 

4. Organic CTR 

Click-through rate (CTR) is an important metric that analyze the click ratio on your website link to the total number of users accessed the search results. For desired SEO outcome, high CTR = high traffic. CTR is a critical search engine ranking process. For example, if your search snippets are not appealing, high rankings is of no use to engage visitors. Low CTR is a clear indication that your search robots doesn’t match users’ expectations, resulting into low rankings. It is an important KPI which can’t be overlooked while focusing on traffic and rankings. Tracking organic CTR, you can easily identify why high impressions don’t drive significant traffic. 

5. Bounce Rate 

This metric calculates the percent of your site visitors bouncing from your website without exploring any activity. This is highly important factor that is valued by the search engines to get desired ranking. Depending on the industry, a typical bounce rate need to be around 40%. If your website percentage is crossing the 50% mark, it means the website is not relevant for search engine. Doing proper monitoring of the bounce rate through Google Analytics is essential to find which ones result in high rates. You can create engaging content and try to add relevant keywords to reduce bounce rate.  

Wrapping Up  

KPIs are an important factor to get desired web traffic and engagement. Tracking all parameters at once is not the right strategy. You should focus on the individual set of KPIs as per your project needs. You can reach to a professional digital marketing services to get desired business outcome. They are highly experienced team which can automate all the processes including tracking to save your time and get detailed reports.