Lifequest World Corp (OTCMKTS:LQWC) Stock On Watchlist Following a Major Update

Lifequest World Corp

The wastewater treatment industry provides a highly important services and Lifequest World Corp (OTCMKTS:LQWC) is involved in providing sustainable, innovative solutions to that industry. The company is focussed on the development of decentralized, scalable and innovative wastewater treatment and reuse technologies. 

Biopipe India Private Limited is its fully owned subsidiary unit and through it, the company is involved in the sewage wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment spaces. The Chief Executive Officer of Biopipe India and Chief Operating Officer of Biopipe Global, TanmayPawale, spoke about the latest contracts that the company had bagged. 

He noted that everyone at the company was ‘thrilled’ at the fact that Biopipe had been awarded the contract to deliver as many as 21 sewage wastewater treatment plants. The total capacity of the plants was 5125 KLD. He went on to note that it was a significant development for the company and indicated that the efforts that had been put in for the past two years had finally come to fruition. The efforts from the company in the past two years had been disrupted by the effects of COVID 19 pandemic. It may be a good time to keep an eye on the LIFEQUEST stock.