Bedfordshire Expands Successful Air Purification Project With MedicAir

Press Release

Mar 31, 2022 08:30 BST

Bedfordshire has been leading the way with the protection of staff and pupils at schools throughout the region. The local government purchased air purification technology in the wake of the COVID pandemic in order to protect pupils and staff within the classroom.

Bedfordshire chose British air purification company MedicAir, as their combination of medical-grade filtration and virus-killing UVC provided the best protection on the market. The initial trials of MedicAir proved popular with schools in reducing Covid cases and reducing general outbreaks and absences.

Now, in the wake of successful rollouts throughout the region, they have expanded their use by purchasing more of the protection offered by MedicAir.

Dr.Connor Bryant, co-founder of MedicAir, said, “It is great to see Bedfordshire leading the way with air purification technology. We are proud to protect thousands of hospitals, schools, offices, care homes, and other medical facilities throughout the UK and overseas. MedicAir is becoming even more important now that mandatory testing and isolation have been stopped.”

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