What You Will Pay For Electricity In August After 35% Increase

If by a fact August is being significant in regard to personal finances, this is due to the considerable rise in the price of electricity reaching all-time highs. A factor that directly affects all homes and for which different institutions have blamed themselves for such an increase, in the midst of a heat wave where air conditioners and fans are essential. For this reason, from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) they ask for responsibilities in the face of such unfair act .

With half the month of August already exceeded, the electricity bill has been seriously affected by the price of electricity. A spectacular increase that has brought the cost to record highs , with fifteen days still to go to the end of the month, and that leaves the certainty that there will be a hard blow for the average consumer in their summer expenses.

And it is that, compared to August 2020 , the price has already increased by 35% in a fact that the OCU considers “exorbitant”. In addition, compared to July of this year, the price has risen by 4%, causing electricity to be constantly increasing day after day with the prejudice it represents for the consumer.

August will close with an average bill of 76.6 euros for each Spanish household
Both for those who have contracted the regulated PVPC rate , and for those who are indexed to the wholesale market , the OCU calculates that all these increases will bring the invoice for August to 76.6 euros on average. That is to say, that aforementioned 35% more compared to 2020 and that for this 2021 the VAT has been reduced from 21 to 10% .

All consequence of the fact that the price of electricity in the wholesale market has exceeded 100 euros , with five consecutive days of maximum prices. “An absolutely unusual and unprecedented event in the evolution of the wholesale market,” the institution reports.

In this way, if August finally ends with such calculated prices, the cost of electricity in an average Spanish home will reach 546.25 euros so far in 2021 (compared to the 437.85 euros that were reached in August 2020 ). All in the middle of a heat wave, where the consumption of ventilation devices such as air conditioners and fans is essential.

Responsibilities to the Government and the CNMC
For this reason, the OCU has requested both the Government and the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) to immediately take effective measures to reduce the price of electricity to alleviate household pockets.

“These measures should focus on eliminating the extraordinary benefits generated by the current electricity pricing system at the expense of consumers’ pockets,” the institution says.

Finally, the OCU encourages all consumers to look and compare different offers, while denouncing the concessions to the hydraulic companies . “OCU again warns that it is the hydraulic concessions that are taking advantage of these high costs of combined cycle plants that generate electricity with gas, to offer their energy at only slightly lower prices.

In this way they take advantage of the opportunity that the current one offers them Marginalist price system to make consumers’ electricity bills more expensive than is reasonable , knowing that no generation plant will be able to compete by forcing them to apply lower prices, “the statement concludes.