Former UFC Sponsor and No Fear Store Owner is Taking on the Overpriced Credit Card Processing Industry With New Company Vantage MP

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Feb 28, 2022 14:15 EST

Vantage MP is tearing down the facade of big credit card processing firms by approving new merchants within minutes, all while saving them real money from the high-priced cookie-cutter rates of industry goliaths. Vantage MP provides free POS systems to its clients but also has the capability to integrate with current credit card processing systems for those that are already set up.

Launched in 2021 by Chris Mazzei, the boutique merchant processing firms’ number one goal is to help their fellow business owners save money. Mazzei said, “I have been where all of these businesses have been and experienced the obstacles they are facing – the rise of inflation, never-ending payroll expenses, and a pandemic that has effectively changed our everyday lives. These owners need to be able to keep as much cash in their business as possible instead of lining the pockets of the major credit card processors’ executives.” Vantage MP is helping small business owners save between $400 and $2,100 a month, and bigger corporations up to $50,000 a month in credit card processing fees. Currently, Vantage MP is in talks with a few major national companies to switch from their current processor with a savings of over $1,000,000 a year.

Mazzei said it is a challenging time to be a business owner and a lot of small business merchants don’t know exactly how much they are paying in credit card processing fees. Most are shocked to find out that exact amount through a free evaluation offered by Vantage MP of their current processor. At a minimum, Mazzei suggests anyone with a merchant account needs to question their current provider regarding their rates because it could put thousands of dollars back into their business. “They earned the money and are entitled to keep it.”

For more information contact: Vantage MP – 805-203-6160 –

About Vantage MP – Born on the principle of helping the entrepreneurial community, Vantage MP is a boutique credit card processing firm, positioning itself as an up-and-coming industry leader with the lowest rates. Their popular “Cash Discount” program has the ability to eliminate merchant fees altogether.

About Chris Mazzei – Mazzei founded the Cobb Twenty8 clothing brand, a major sponsor of early UFC events and fighters, including former UFC champions Gracie, Liddell, and Shamrock. Mazzei also negotiated with No Fear owners, Mark and Brian Simo, to own multiple No Fear licensee retail stores in California. Mazzei has a 20+ year track record of business success in both retail and wholesale, which makes his new endeavor a serious force in the credit card processing realm.

Source: Vantage Merchant Processing

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