Creative Acrylic: How to best utilise physical branding

physical branding

Physical branding optimizes on the number of people exposed to your business and its products or services. You can reach more eyes, increasing the likelihood of bringing in either new customers or recurrent customers. It’s a low-cost investment which can last the test of time, avoiding needing to repurpose. These are the key reasons why it’s a no brainer to invest  in physical branding. 

The branding can be placed in your business premises as well as any additional locations which can allow you to advertise, whether that’s for free or at a cost. It’s recommended you get creative and investigate where you can place your branding for free. Let’s dive into the different products you can use to promote your business.

Use Acrylic Sign Holders to clearly advertise your brand

Sign holders made out of acrylic sheets are a classic form of product merchandising which allows you to alternate the advertisement if and when need be. The clear material means you can even use these holders for menus and leaflets if need be. 

While many people that walk into your business premises are most likely already familiar with your brand, you can capture their attention and transition them to  long-standing customers by displaying deals within these sign holders. Alternatively, the people walking in may just be guests, or may have people with them that aren’t aware of your brand. This means you can bring in new customers, or these people can think of  your branding and recommend to others. Acrylic sign holders hold this psychological marketing power. 

Explore Acrylic Display Boxes and Cases 

When it comes to physical items that can’t be displayed within an acrylic sign holder, your best options are either acrylic display boxes or an acrylic display case. If you don’t sell products that can fit within these boxes or cases, an effective and eye-catching solution is to create a statue or decor item with your branding across it. You can then display this singular item, or multiple versions, within acrylic boxes or an acrylic case.

When humans are waiting, it’s natural instinct to look around the room, and therefore, placing branding in a specific display box or case will leave a lasting impression.

Use Acrylic Stands for stacking multiple items

If you have multiple paper or cardboard items you want  to display, acrylic stands will  be the more suitable product to utilize. Often, you can choose between two, three or four-tiered for your specific scenario. These are ideal for displaying multiple promotions, or upcoming events but the key difference is the fact guests can take one home with them to truly ensure your business stays put in their mind. 

Placing acrylic stands at counters, on coffee tables or other flat surfaces are the perfect solution to optimize on your audience reach. Even if people are at an area for as little as one minute, the idea of having multiple leaflets or other forms or promotional products, allow guests to quickly glance down and take one if it piques their interest.

The  physical branding best suited to you will vary  depending on your space and industry. Exploring different options and researching product types and sizes is the first step you should take to fully optimize your  audience reach.

Olivia Fairhurst is a content manager for various clients, including plastic fabrication company Creative Acrylic.