Stack It: Storage solutions for your business premises

warehouse shelving

Whether you are starting out with an empty space or are needing a new way to store items due to space limitations or difficult access, there is certain equipment designed to act as your storage solution. Cantilever pallet racking,    are all items your business can invest in to save time in the long run. This saved time equals saved money due to employers being able to work more efficiently to bring in actual profit. And more importantly, these storage solutions are safe, abiding by safety regulations to help ensure no one gets hurt due to the mistorage of items. 

This article will dive into just how you can store items within your business premises.

Warehouse industrial shelving

Steel or metal warehouse industrial style shelving is perfect to make use of height in spaces. As you can imagine, shelving can be tailored to go as high as you wish against walls or in the middle of rooms to enable an aisle type storage system. The world is your oyster so play around with designs or get professional help from an industrial warehouse shelving company. 

Warehouse shelving is one of the most popular storage solutions due to the fact that you can stack large amounts of foods and they can be easily placed out of the way, with your choice of length and width. However,  heavy duty items will need to be placed on cantilever pallet racking for safety reasons. 

Industrial warehouse racking shelving or cantilever pallet racking

The only safe way to store large, heavy duty items is through specialist items such as industrial warehouse racking shelving. This is commonly known as cantilever pallet racking. Not storing these heavy duty items in an efficient manner can be detrimental when it comes to safety. It simply is not worth the risk. In addition to this, it means you can store more items in smaller spaces, avoiding space limitations and likewise, being able to keep larger quantities potentially optimizing on revenue. 

Cantilever pallet racking is a form of industrial warehouse racking shelving whereby items are stored vertically and require a forklift to access. Made out of stainless steel, the pallet racking is essentially rows of long arms which are strong enough to place large, heavy duty items on. Ensure you install cantilever pallet racking that can hold the weights you will be storing to avoid any accidents.

Storage bins 

Storage bins are an ideal storage solution. You could have all the shelves in the world but if your business items aren’t placed on these shelves in an orderly fashion that is logical, it won’t help enable tasks to be done any faster. When you purchase storage bins, always make sure that you measure the shelves or item you are placing these bins on. This may become like a real life game of tetris but it will be worth it when you make use of all your shelving space by buying storage bins fit to size. You also may risk the chance of investing in items that can’t even fit into the space when you face hurdles such as height.  

Magni labels

Magni labels are a great addition to help organize your business premise. They are strong magnetic labels which can be stuck to steel and moved if you wish to reorganize or get different stock in the future. With large quantities of goods, there will need to be some form of labeling system in order to streamline processes. Without these implementations, your employees will waste hours upon hours sourcing products.

Storage solutions will never be one size fits all. With different sized spaces as well as different amounts of items at different sizes and weights, you will need to tailor your setup to your business premise. Warehouse shelves, cantilever pallet racking shelving systems, storage bins and labels are all different storage items you can utilize to help your business in working more efficiently.