Sánchez Insists On Overthrowing The PP Labor Reform

The secretary general of the PSOE and president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced the intention of the Socialists to abolish prostitution in addition to continuing to put an end to laws passed at the time of the Popular Party, specifically the labor reform and the so-called Gag Law in the closing of the 40th Federal Congress of the party in Valencia .

“We will advance by putting an end to the Gag law and the labor reform of the PP,” said Pedro Sánchez, who defended social democracy and the achievements made by the different socialist governments in Spain. Along these lines, he also assured that the PSOE will continue to advance in those policies “abolishing prostitution” from the current government.

In his speech, Pedro Sánchez boasted of the management of the health crisis and the economic crisis of his Executive. “According to international rankings, we are ranked number 2 in safety against coronavirus,” he said, in addition to highlighting the success of vaccination and adding that “before the end of this year, 90% of the population over 12 years of age will be vaccinated. “.

In the case of the economic crisis, Sánchez stressed that “94% of the workers who had taken up Erte today have returned to their job” due to the social shield approved by the Government. “We protected more than 3.5 million workers during the Covid. And hundreds of thousands of companies that we saved thanks to ICO credits,” he commented. He also defended one of the measures that opened wounds in his own coalition Executive. “In the midst of the pandemic, we raised the SMI, we said we would raise it, and we raised it.” Along these lines, he took his chest out of the evolution of employment: “Spain is creating employment and it is doing it with force.”

The president remarked that the crisis has reinforced “the value of what is public” in the face of neoliberalism and “has shown the error that the precariousness of work supposes and has made visible to all what is necessary.”

Sánchez also distributed criticism to the opposition and especially to the PP. “The PSOE is accused of wanting to break Spain. It was not this government that declared the unilateral independence of Catalonia,” Sánchez said in a speech full of references to the governments of Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

He even took the opportunity to enter into the controversy about the boos of a few days ago in the celebration of Columbus Day. “The best patriotism is reflected in the taxes on individuals more than in the boos to the Prime Minister on October 12.”

The closing ceremony featured supporting videos from various international leaders, including New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, SPD leader and upcoming German Chancellor Olaf Scholz; and former Brazilian president Lula da Silva.

Custom Congress
The Prime Minister and Secretary General of the PSOE has managed to close any hint of discrepancy within the party in a Congress that has staged the unity of the socialist families after the fratricidal struggles for power led by Sánchez himself against the party barons .

In addition, the Congress held at Feria Valencia has renewed the Executive Commission of the Socialists, in which after his promotion in the Council of Ministers, the Minister of the Presidency Félix Bolaños , also becomes a central figure and a sign of the closing of ranks in around Sánchez.

The new governing body did not register a single vote against, since it was endorsed with 94.94% of the votes in favor and only 5.06% of blank votes as announced by the president of the Generalitat Valenciana and president of the Congress, Ximo Puig.

In the new executive, they only repeat 12 of the previous one of the 42 appointed, among those who repeat, Cristina Narbona stands out as president of the party; Adriana Lastra as Deputy Secretary General; and Santos Cerdán as Secretary of Organization.

In the Executive, the body in charge of managing the day-to-day running of the party, the Jaen deputy Felipe Sicilia, who enters as spokesman, also gains weight; the deputy director of Sánchez’s cabinet in La Moncloa, Llanos Castellanos, as secretary of Justice, Institutional Relations and Public Function; and the Basque leader Idoia Mendia, as Secretary of Studies and Program. In addition, the socialist body maintains the balance between the different territorial federations.