Work will undertake in the remainder of the year a severe limitation of the forms of temporary hiring , the effects of which are far from being focused on hotels and tourism. The damage to these two activities would in itself be worrying, considering the great importance they have in the Spanish GDP. However, it should not be surprising that alarms have also gone off, to the point of describing the Ministry’s plans as “aberration” , in sectors such as agriculture, construction and even industry.

The representatives of these activities demanded from the Government a solution that would take into account their inevitably seasonal nature . The answer should have come last week; However, despite still lacking an official proposal, it can already be said that bad news is coming for the affected sectors .

Any option of recognizing specific employment relationships for those them is ruled out. In fact, the ad hoc contract that is now in force in construction will be repealed. In return, the only thing that Trabajo offers is recourse to the fixed-discontinuous , despite the fact that the affected sectors have reiterated on multiple occasions that this legal figure is very far from meeting their needs.

Not in vain does it force them to keep workers on the staff even when they are not useful and it does not help in cases in which reinforcements are needed for activity rebounds. Once again, everything indicates that the true purpose that guides Labor is the extension by decree of permanent hiring , and thus quickly achieve a high number of permanent workers, even if it means multiplying the rigidity of the labor market and damaging the creation of job.