Cadmus Publishing Releases ‘Self-Made: How to Win By Investing in Yourself’

Be your own financial boss.

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Mar 9, 2022 21:00 PST

Finances are not the easiest to understand, but Carling D. Colbert has the solution. His new book, Self-Made: How to Win by Investing in Yourself, released by Cadmus Publishing, makes understanding cash flow easy and gives readers an overview about the market chess game that creates long-term wealth.

Financial literacy is a struggle for many and can result in generational wealth gaps. Carling D. Colbert wants to help change that. After finding himself thousands of dollars in debt without any assets, Colbert decided to re-evaluate his life choices. He went back to school, and now he has compiled his studies into a book that breaks down the fiscal market into five easy-to-understand chapters. Starting with an overview of his five basic principles of finance, Colbert gives a clear starting point for readers to evaluate their resources, establish their goals, eliminate bad debt, and look towards a more economic future for themselves and their families.

Covering the “who’s who” of the financial world, Colbert teaches consumers to be their own financial boss, with short- and long-term strategies for generating cash flow. He details the benefits of IRAs, real estate, and insurance while also protecting assets and creating generational wealth for the family. Having clear, attainable goals when it comes to debt and resource management will help readers build a better life for themselves and their loved ones. It is about chess, not checkers, and understanding the options is the first step to financial solvency.

About the author: Carling D. Colbert is a military veteran and father who, in 2014, found himself struggling under mounds of debt.  He went to college to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Business and from there taught himself the basics of finance. He is writing a series called Money Master that will break down different elements of the business market. He currently funds a project called Operation HOT GRITS that helps ex-military felons successfully re-integrate into society. He believes it is important to create change within his community and give back to those in need.

Self-Made: How to Win by Investing in Yourself is available in paperback and as an ebook from all major online book retailers. A preview is available here on For more information, please contact Cadmus Publishing at

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