How Have Technological Innovations Changed the World of Pet Care?

Technology and the pet care market

Often, our furry friends are as much a part of the family as any other member. In the UK, 49 per cent of households have a pet and nearly one on four of us own a dog! Naturally, this has led to a boom in the UK pet care market.  This year, the pet care market was worth an incredible £5 billion, and many would be more willing to spend money on their pets than they would on themselves. 

Technology has also had a huge impact on the pet care market. Since we now look at our animals as companions and helpers as well as the original status symbol they once were, how do we look after our pets? Here, alongside Cliverton, who specialise in Dog Trainers Insurance, we take a look: 


Many of us will suffer with anxiety at some point in our lives, but did you know our animals can suffer too?  Help ease your pet’s anxiousness by installing a two-way camera in your home. These systems can provide comfort for pets when they feel separation from you if you leave your home for prolonged periods during the day. It can also help you to keep an eye on your pets when they are home alone. According to research, younger dogs who respond to high pitched noises in particular can benefit from video interaction, while older dogs can recognise faces even if the image is relatively still. 

Webcams are also often installed in kennels.  So, if you leave your pet in their care, you are able to sign in and see what they’re up to at any time. This can help put your mind at ease knowing that they are being well treated and have settled correctly.

Automatic water dispensers

It is of high importance that your pet gets the right amount of water. This helps to carry important nutrients into and out of the cells of the body and cools the animal down to maintain an optimum internal temperature. On average, a dog should be drinking an ounce of water per pound of body weight each day to ensure they are sufficiently hydrated. 

Automated water dispensers are a great way to monitor this. Water ‘fountain’ dishes work by providing a free-falling stream of oxygen-aerated water into a dish at an adjustable flow level. Many of these products are fitted with a submersible pump. Be sure to check the variety of products available to make sure you choose the correct one for your animal. 

Just to not — if your pet is showing signs such as dry or pale gums and a dry nose this could be a sign of dehydration.


Many of us carry tracking devices in our phones and even actively share our lcation on app such as Snapchat. A microchip in an animal works in the same way. If a lost pet, notably a cat or dog, is found, one of the first things a vet or shelter will do is check if they are chipped.  The microchipping process, which was made a requirement for dogs in 2016, only takes a few minutes but can last a lifetime, making it so much easier for owners to be reunited with a lost animal. 

Veterinary care

Technological advances in surgery have been a complete game changer. Animals, such as horses, have a larger survival rate when it comes to being operated on thanks to enhanced equipment and scanning devices. 

Another innovation that is improving animals’ health is wearable tech. They have been dubbed ‘fitbits for dogs’ and helps to build big data regarding the movement and oxygen levels of our pets. Because of this, vets are then more likely to diagnose a condition as they have more data to work with.  These fitbits are also available for everyday life too and, just like the human equivalent, you can set exercise goals for your pet to achieve to stay in peak physical condition. 

Clever toys

Even when we’re away at work, our pets love some ‘play time’. Quite often, a bored pet can be a destructive one. That’s where toys such as the FroliCat Bolt comes into its own. This device works as a laser pointer for a cat to chase and even works when you’re not home to press the button thanks to a remote-based control. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cat’s lack of activity!

You can also install a ‘treat-cam’ which works via your Wi Fi or Bluetooth connection. Like the aforementioned webcam, this allows you to view your pet’s actions, but it also distributes treats to keep your loveable pet content.   

Technology is completely transforming our lives — and the lives of our pets. The developments mentioned above are just a scratch on the surface of the expanding world of pet care and it will be interesting to see how improvements continue to occur. Watch this space!