Xbox Series X Price

Xbox Series X Price May Be $499, According To Analysts

Xbox Series X Price May Be $499, According To Analysts

We still have a year to go until the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are released, but analysts are predicting what the price will be for these different consoles. One analyst from Kantan Games in particular speculates that the price of the Xbox Series X will be about $499 on release.

Given the greater technology this new generation of games will be launching as, it goes without saying that they are likely to be more expensive than consoles on their own first debut this past generation was.

While there is no clear price given out for the Xbox Series X yet, $499 seems to be a fairly reasonable price point for it, particularly since the launch of Xbox One X received a similar price. This premium contrasts sharply with the Playstation 5, which seems to be marked down for easy access.

In view of this fact, the Xbox Series X price must be calculated very carefully. Having the X too expensive the end up driving players away and towards the cheaper Playstation 5, even if it’s a more powerful console than the Playstation 5.

That’s not even getting into the strengths of both consoles. Microsoft has pushed this generation too far by attempting to sell the Xbox One as a gaming hub that has played games rather than a game console, with a large number of privacy-violating and otherwise controversial features that have caused it to lag significantly behind the Playstation 4.

Whereas, the Playstation 4 had no such issues and was not only graphically more powerful, but also had many more exclusive games than the Xbox One. Another generation may also come up with a situation like this, but we won’t know until both consoles show their capabilities.

It is expected that both consoles will be launching in this year’s holiday season.

Xbox Series X Price May Be $499, According To Analysts
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