Mafia 2 Remaster

This Unofficial Mafia 2 Remaster is Worth a Shot

This Unofficial Mafia 2 Remaster is Worth a Shot

According to a recent video from YouTuber QTModz, a Mafia 2 mod that dramatically improves the visuals of the aged game is now available for download. The mod essentially turns the game into an unofficial Mafia 2 remaster using better graphics, lighting, and even a new game weather loop.

Mafia 2 originally came out in 2011 for the Xbox 360, but since it’s been nearly a decade since then, graphics have greatly improved over that period. This is particularly true for the game’s PC version, which is obviously the aim of these mods.

The unofficial Mafia 2 remaster created by the patch, dubbed the “Old Time Reality” update, was created by weather changes, new textures for items like concrete, grass, gravel, and other foliage, new street lights, sun flares, car coronas, new interior and exterior lighting, and even includes anti-aliasing.

While it doesn’t put it to the same level as Mafia 3, the new Mafia games, it still does a lot to bring up the graphics and make the game look better overall, even though you can only bring up the visuals of the game on your PC instead of other platforms.

In case you’re wondering what the mod actually looks like, QTModz posted a video showing at least a general walkaround of one of the environments in the game, showing the different changes in lighting both inside and outside, textures and weather. By following this link, you will find the video.

Neither does the Mafia 2 remaster mod mess with graphics. The mod gives more ammo weapons, gives players the ability to acquire more ammo, adjusts the angles and field of view of the camera, makes players more resilient, and more randomly scatters police.

This Unofficial Mafia 2 Remaster is Worth a Shot
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