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Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes – New Features, Gameplay Changes, And Bug Fixes

Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes – New Features, Gameplay Changes, And Bug Fixes

Update was received by Stardew Valley. Update for Stardew Valley is now available for download on Windows. You will note that Stardew Valley’s Patch has a few new features, improvements in gameplay, and a variety of bugs have been squashed. These vulnerabilities were noticed on the 1.4 Patch. We hope that this patch will solve any problems you’ve had.

Stardew Valley, programmed by ConcernedApe and edited by Chucklefish, is a game where you have to handle your grandfather’s heritage estate. You are in charge of controlling crops and all services. This game is a combination of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, although with a two-dimensional visual style that is similar to Western tastes. Below is a complete list of patch notes from Stardew Valley.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where farmhand’s separate wallets would be reset to 500g if the host was playing on Mac or Linux
  • Fixed the incorrect ordering of NPC gift tastes so now tastes should remain as they were in 1.3.
  • Trash bear no longer appears on festival days, preventing a potential crash.
  • Fixed an issue where reclaiming the Insect Head, Neptune’s Glaive, Forest Sword, or Carving Knife from Marlon would cause Clint to appear to be upgrading that weapon. This could cause you to lose a tool if you were already upgrading a tool when this happened.
  • Fixed problem harvesting crops with the golden scythe.
  • Fixed bug where you could warp into the sewer on your horse, causing you to warp into the void.
  • Fixed an issue allowing torches and flooring to placed on the spouses’s porch position, preventing them from coming outside.
  • The Golden Scythe should no longer appear on the reaper after you’ve already received it
  • Fixed a minor issue where players who have connected to a game and are creating a character while an achievement triggers would send a message saying “- has earned the ‘(Achievement Name)’ achievement.”
  • Fixed a hole in the refurbished saloon room, which allowed players to walk out of the map boundaries.
  • Fixed an issue where a farmhand entering a freshly built cabin could cause the farmhand that owns it to spawn in in the upper left corner of the main farmer’s farmhouse.
  • Fixed fishpond silhouettes being incorrect after clearing the pond in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a typo causing plant seeds being removed from the inventory when unsuccessfully attempting to plant them outside of the farm.
  • Pre-1.4 Untyped “Honey” items that were misnamed “Wild Honey” are now just converted to “Wild Honey” that stacks with other “Wild Honey” items.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Tree Fertilizer recipe is added to a save that already has it.
  • Fixed the dove subplot enemy from leaving visual trails on the host’s machine regardless of the location they were in.
  • Corrected the fix for the Stardew Valley Fair festival’s petting zoo area appearing incorrectly if certain post-game conditions had been unlocked.

New Features:

  • Added a new Gamepad Mode selection to the options menu. The default setting (“Auto”) will automatically switch between
  • keyboard and mouse controls depending on the last used input. “Force on” forces the game to use gamepad logic, similar to earlier versions of Stardew Valley. “Force off” disables the gamepad and should be used if you only play the game using a keyboard and mouse.
  • You can now purchase the museum rarecrows from the night market after you’ve unlocked them.
  • Some non-spouse NPC’s now have custom movie ticket acceptance dialogue (english only)

Gameplay Changes:

  • Penny’s 14-heart event will no longer remove any placed dressers. They will remain in place, and any furniture that was supposed to be placed in any occupied tiles will now be added to the same chests Penny puts your objects in.
  • Explosive ammo now costs 300g/each in Marolon’s shop, won’t appear until you’ve unlocked the crafting recipe, and now only explodes with a 2 tile radius instead of 3.
  • You can now only buy one piece of Magic Rock Candy per Thursday at the Desert Trader.
  • Iridium ore abundance now increases much more slowly beyond level 100 of the skull cavern
    Vincent now loves snails

The easiest way to report bugs right now is the 1.4 thread pinned to the stardew valley subreddit, if you are still having any issues with the update. You can give an email as well.

Console & Mobile players: I will give an update soon on the status of 1.4 for console & mobile. Thanks for your patience.

Stardew Valley fans have been on the trail of the ambitious 1.4 update for a while, claiming a whole face lift to improve and expand the game from top to bottom! And after a long wait, through platforms such as Steam and GOG, the patch was finally released on PC. The official blog details all the updates, but we recommend you first make some popcorn because it’s long.

Stardew Valley has a lot of new features. There are quite a few new adjustments to the balance, improvements to control, all kinds of error correction and more. Some changes are so tiny, but welcome, like our characters when they go to sleep close their eyes. Some major improvements are that each player in multiplayer mode is able to manage their own assets.

There’s also a respectable volume of new free content, lots of objects (cosmetics and utilities), as well as more than a dozen musical tracks, hairstyles, new monsters and alternative levels for Mines, options for graphic configuration, a video gallery, and more.

I should remind you that the Stardew Valley of ConcernedApe was released for PC on February 26, 2016. MacOS, Ubuntu, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android have been released later.

Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes – New Features, Gameplay Changes, And Bug Fixes
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