Stalker 2 Looks To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Stalker 2 Looks To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Stalker 2 Looks To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

After two cancelations in the past decade, Stalker 2 was officially announced a few years ago (again) for a potential release somewhere in 2021. At the time, it was strongly implied that Unreal Engine 4 would drive the long-awaited sequel and that Stalker 2 was announced early enough to find a publisher. These effects are now being understood.

GSC Game World announced earlier today that the in-development sequel would use Unreal Engine 4 to allow player modding. “Unreal Engine is a good match for our goal of making modding easier and more accessible,” the developer said, as well as thanking Epic for expanding support — “new year surprise”— to developers and players alike.

The carried notion indicates that Stalker 2 actually found a distributor in the form of the Fortnite maker, which in turn would mean the Epic Games Store’s exclusivity agreement. GSC Game World has, however, confirmed that Unreal Engine 4’s announcement has nothing to do with platforms or digital stores. Until relaying details of any exclusive releases to the public, the developer asked for more time.

Just to say, on the Epic Games Store, a scheduled window of exclusivity looks inevitable. Stalker 2 is likely to release first on the digital marketplace of Epic before arriving around a year or six months later on others like Steam. That too, if GSC Game World agrees not to surrender on the Epic Games Store to a fully exclusive update.

Except that the sequel aims to offer an updated open-world similar to the original game, nothing is known about Stalker 2 at the moment. In this scenario, Unreal Engine 4 would be a blessing, allowing players to further expand the open world with plenty of beautiful and positive mods.

A rumor circulated online several months ago that Stalker 2 would be web-only. Of course, the fan base wasn’t pleased but seeing how GSC Game World keeps everyone in the dark, Stalker 2 may still be in the early stages of development and therefore too early to grab pitchforks for a rumored online gaming concept.

Stalker 2 Looks To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive
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