Samsung’s Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor is a 49-inch QLED monster

Samsung Odyssey G9

Samsung’s Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor is a 49-inch QLED monster

CES 2020 hasn’t begun yet, but Samsung is already off with a pair of new QLED gaming monitors looking to check almost every spec box, led by the huge 49-inch Odyssey G9, Samsung’s most curvy screen yet.

The Odyssey G9 is not Samsung’s first curved gaming display, nor is it the first 49-inch display, nor is it the first one at such high resolution (this distinction goes to the CRG9 of last year). But the Odyssey upgrades the specifications in almost every way: while the 5120×1440 resolution and HDR1000 rating are the same, the new screen offers up to 240Hz refresh rate twice, an even faster response time of 1ms, and support for both AMD’s FreeSync 2 along with the newly added compatibility of Nvidia G-Sync.

The display is also Samsung’s first consumer display with a 1000R curve, filling nearly the same field of view as the human eye (the monitor curvature appears to range from 4000R to 1800R, with a greater curvature the lower the number.) In other words, the 49-inch G9 curves more than most other displays, including the CRG9 (which had a less extreme 1800R curve) for a more immersive experience that feels more immersive than most other displays.

Of course, as it’s a gaming monitor, the back also features a giant glowing blue light that makes the display look as if it’s powered by one of the remaining Iron Man arc reactors from Tony Stark.

Samsung Odyssey G9

In addition to the Odyssey G9, Samsung has released the Odyssey G7, a smaller display in the 32-inchand27-inch formats of 16:9 2560×1440. The G7 models also offer a 1000R curvature, depending on Samsung’s QLED technology, featuring a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and FreeSync 2 and G-Sync, just like the larger Odyssey G9 displays. Apart from scale, the only real difference is the amount of HDR supported. Only HDR600 (for a minimum peak luminance of 600 cd / m2) is classified for the G7 models compared to the G9 HDR1000.

Samsung still has to reveal a price or release date for either product, but if last year’s $1,299.99 CRG9 is anything to go through, the new displays are not likely to be cheap.


Samsung’s Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor is a 49-inch QLED monster
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