Quake II RTX Patch 1.3.0

Quake II RTX Patch 1.3.0 Is Live, Photo Mode And Other Improvements

Quake II RTX Patch 1.3.0 Is Live, Photo Mode And Other Improvements

Quake II RTX got Patch 1.3.0. This patch can now be downloaded from the PC (Steam). You’ll find the Quake II RTX Patch 1.3.0 is a good upgrade because it’s a major update with lots of changes and bug fixes. The newly added picture mode and support for video cutscenes are something that stands out.

Quake II RTX is a remastering of the classic Quake II that uses ray-tracing, a rendering technique that offers a much more realistic lighting to the game, due to the way the different light rays affect the 3D objects in the environment. Below is a complete list of patch notes for Quake II RTX Patch 1.3.0.

New Features:

  • Added Photo Mode
  • Added free camera controls for Photo Mode when the game is paused. See the Readme for more information.
  • Added support for Depth of Field in Photo Mode
  • Added support for campaign video cutscenes.
  • Added support for selecting which display should be used for the fullscreen mode.
  • Added support for loading map-specific files with sky clusters, which should be useful for custom maps.
  • Added display of the selected inventory item name in the status bar.

Photo Mode Instructions:

When the pause key stops a single player game or demo replay, the picture mode unlocks. In this mode, denoisers and some other approximations of real-time rendering are disabled, and instead the image is generated using rendering of accumulation. This means that the engine, with different noise patterns, renders the same frame hundreds or thousands of times and averages the results. Once the image is sufficiently stable, a screenshot can be saved.

Depth of Field (DoF):

Simulates opening camera and blur defocus, or bokeh. Use the mouse wheel and Shift / Ctrl modifier keys to manipulate DoF in the game: the wheel alone changes the focal length, the Shift+Wheel adjusts the size of the aperture, and the Ctrl adjustments are finer.

Free Camera Controls:

You can switch the camera and isolate it from the player once the game is paused. Use the standard W / A / S / D keys to move the camera, plus Q / E to go up and down. Shift speeds up movement, and Ctrl slows it down. Moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button to change the camera’s orientation. To zoom in, when holding the right mouse button, push the mouse up or down. Move the mouse left or right while holding both mouse buttons to adjust the camera roll.
Settings can be found in the game menu for all of these apps. See the pt accumulation rendering, pt dof, pt aperture, pt freecam and other related console variables in the User Manual for changing the console settings.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed a crash that happened at map load time when a custom map has no analytic lights.
  • Reduced the noise in the biggun map next to the barred windows.
  • Reduced the noise from yellow lamps next to the entrance of the jail4 map at night.

Misc Improvements:

  • Improved the menu settings to show units for various sliders, such as degrees or percentage.
  • Made the volume controls logarithmic instead of linear.


Quake II RTX Patch 1.3.0 Is Live, Photo Mode And Other Improvements
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