Nintendo Switch Black Friday

Nintendo Switch Dominated Black Friday – Report

Nintendo Switch Dominated Black Friday – Report

Black Friday saw the Switch as the most popular console of choice among both shoppers and gamers, not PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Obviously, the year’s highly anticipated shopping event brought significant discounts across all platforms. Sony, for instance, offered in just $200 a PlayStation 4 bundle with God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us. It was Nintendo, though, that came out on top with a Switch deal bundling Mario Kart 8 for $300, saving consumers about $60 in total.

According to a CNN Business report earlier today, Wedbush Securities analysts have stated that the aging competition between Sony and Microsoft has merely funneled customers into Nintendo. The fact that the Switch became Black Friday’s most successful console was “probably a reflection of the competition’s feeling a little long-in-the-tooth” ahead of the next-generation consoles.

Stagnation has sunk into sales with the current generation on the brink of completion. A large section of the gaming community has either stocked up on existing Sony or Microsoft consoles or is waiting to pick up next year’s upcoming PlayStation 5 or Project Scarlett. Thus, even with enticing deals, many felt it would be a good time to embrace Nintendo with the Switch— a way to hold out until the new generation officially starts.

Nintendo had already cut its revenue outlook earlier this year from 20 million to 17 million. Black Friday’s increased sales, which are still to be broken down, are likely to join the Christmas spree for a good boost to the Switch’s overall sales. Nintendo is likely to continue to reap rewards next year on the basis of the same claims from analysts as more consumers decide to hold out for the new consoles of next generation.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said last month that in the near future there are no plans to cut the Switch’s official pricing. In this respect, the company will be “maintaining the product’s reputation as much as possible.” Nintendo launched the Switch Lite a few months ago for those trying to save a few bucks. The hybrid family’s newest member features more portability than the original, and most games will be running on the switch.

It is also important to note that during Black Friday, Nintendo only discounted the standard switch. Later on in December, the Switch Lite is supposed to see a sale, which should also see a good reception.

Nintendo Switch Dominated Black Friday – Report
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