How To Send Whatsapp Photos That Can Only Be Viewed Once

WhatsApp has announced the general availability of the “single view” feature, which allows you to send photos and videos that are only displayed once before being automatically deleted.

This is a feature that has been rumored for many months now, and after an initial release to a small number of users, WhatsApp seems happy enough with the result to make it available to everyone.

Therefore, if from today you open the WhatsApp app, you may find a new option when you go to send an image or video in any of your chats. When we activate it, it allows us to send content that the other person will only be able to see once; When you finish viewing it, it will be automatically deleted from your mobile and you will not be able to open it again.

For example, let’s say we want to send a private photo but we don’t want it to be directly shared by WhatsApp, or we don’t want the other person to be able to see it whenever they want. Or it may be the other way around, it may be an unimportant photo that is not worth taking up space on your mobile.

In those cases, we can activate the single display. It must be clarified that activating this does not protect our photos and videos , which may continue to be shared with other people.

Bypassing protection is very easy, the other person only has to take a screenshot to get a copy of the photo we have sent; therefore, in no case should we use this feature as a 100% private way to share personal photos. From the moment the photo leaves our mobile, we must consider that it could end up anywhere.

Once we take that into account, using this function is very simple. We just have to share a photo or video as usual, and we will find a new button next to the send button with a “1” in blue . If we press it, it will be activated; that means that, if we click on send, that photo can only be viewed once.

The other person will receive a file on WhatsApp; If you decide to open it, the photo or video will be displayed, and you can continue viewing for as long as you want. But as soon as you close it, you won’t be able to open it again; an “open” message will appear in the chat. If you want to see it again, you will have to ask us again.

This functionality is already available to all iOS and Android users, as well as WhatsApp Web, where it also appears when we click on send a file.