Artist Marc Westray of the DNGR collective Launches First NFT Collection

San Diego artist Marc Westray of the DNGR collective ventures into NFTs, launching his first NFT Art series on January 9th. The latest craze in the crypto and art space, NFTs have proven to be hot commodities and very lucrative for many.

San Diego, California Jan 9, 2022 ( – San Diego, California artist Marc Westray of the DNGR collective is a creator who has specialized in pop art, abstract art and photography for over 15 years. With roots going back to Jersey City and New York City, and coming from an entertainment industry background, his art is influenced by his past, his experiences, pop culture, and city and beach life. Always keeping an eye on growth and expansion, Marc is consistently adding new items to his portfolio. From art on prints and canvases, to t-shirts, buttons, magnets and mirrors, NFTs opened up a whole new world to venture into. Westray launched his first NFT series though OpenSea (@TheRealDNGR / on January 9th with plans to continue launching new collections little by little.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, can be confusing to some. They are basically one of a kind digital assets, in this case digital art rather than physical art. A simple Google search provides more information than you could ever need. Types of NFTs can include art, photography, music, videos, text and more. Once sold by the artist, ownership is transferred to the buyer who can keep it as a collectible, hold onto it as an investment into the artist or movement, use it for status or membership with a club or group of specific NFT owners with perks and benefits, or flip it to try and make a profit. They are usually very limited from one-offs to small batch limited editions, priced from hundreds to thousands of dollars each, with the most expensive selling for $91.8 million on December 2, 2021.

Taking the art and crypto space by storm, NFTs are at peak popularity with some saying it is still in its infant stages. With that in mind Westray saw it as a great time to begin to create and invest in the NFT world. His first series, which just went live, is called Abstractimals. It consists of original abstract art where he draws the main body of the artwork in one continuous stroke, and then adds other shapes to it. Marc looks for faces in the main design and adds eyes, mouths, tongues, teeth etc., creating a hybrid mashup of abstract artwork, cartoons, animals and monsters. They are designed to see something different at every angle, when you look at each as a whole and in different segments you can see different variations of these faces, cartoons etc.

Marcs Abstractimals series contains rare black and white one offs, the bare bones original drawings of his Abstractimals. Then there is a second version of each, sectioned off, colored in, and on a white background, which is how the originals physical artworks were created and sold. These are offered as limited editions of only 10 of each. Lastly there are multiple variations of each with colored backgrounds which are limited editions of 100 of each. It is essentially a collection representing the history of the Abstractimals artwork from original inception to NFT, so it is a unique series. Once sold out there will be no more of these specific pieces created as NFTs. They are also available to be resold by the buyers at any time.  

Westray plans on turning much of his art digital to offer them up as NFTs. From his pop art paying tribute to pop culture, film, tv and music icons, to graffiti art, hybrid mashups of his work, and his photography spanning the coasts from New York City to California, he has a lot to offer in the coming months and years. You can see a sampling of his work at, view his just launched NFT collection at, and find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok as under the user name @therealdngr.

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