Brazil Surrenders To Spain And Takes Over Olympic Football

At the third overtime, Spain did not resist. His exercise of improvement in these Games ended in Yokohama, where Brazil was crowned and once again took over the Olympic event, throne four years ago in Rio with Neymar and again in Japan. Something has that stage.

Ronaldo was resurrected in 2002 before the ogre Kahn, and this latest episode points to an absolutely unexpected hero, Malcom, an old acquaintance in Barcelona. That’s how surprising and extraordinary football is. He snatched Vallejo’s portfolio in the extension and opted for an intense and exciting final, determined to the photo-finish .

La Canarinha won the points and celebrated. Meanwhile, the Spanish team stood by its arms, exhausted after a whole tournament putting out fires and that it has been long despite having a roster of bells.

Spain was not fine from the first day, from lurch to lurch and paddling against the current. He lost Ceballos due to a jam, also Mingueza . Too much touch, too much possession and poor aim. Much remora. This time, the punishment was two balls to the crossbar when he had managed to come back emotionally. But there was no way.

With pending duties throughout the entire journey, he finally ran into Alves’s Brasil, the medal collector. A posteriori, and seen in perspective, the silver will taste better. He arrives 21 years later, in the new preserve of the five-time champion, who finds consolation for the hierarchy lost to the absolute in the childish territory of the Games.

True to his script, coach De la Fuente recovered the false reference from Oyarzabal and reintroduced Asensio in the eleven after having bet on Mir against Japan. Without 9 again, horizontality and pass overdose. The ball was the start for Spain, which was kneading and kneading again, but without finding clear routes to the goal.

Again, sovereigning was sterile and, on the contrary, Brazil had little enough to intimidate. Richarlison and Antony, two little devils, forced to bundle up more than necessary on the sides and both Óscar Gil and Cucurella lost depth. The former missed Asensio’s return run and a juicy vein opened up for La Canarinha.

The Brazilians don’t beat around the bush, making up for their deficit in the engine room with their vertigo at the ends. Entering from the right, with a changed leg, Antony was a toothache for Cucurella , whom he challenged time after time, both wearing footprints in front of the side and throwing a hat at Olmo when he came to help, or by making them a I mess them both at the same time with the feint and the snatch.

The zigzagging is a delight. On the other flank, Richarlison also began to be seen early and headed for Eric García, who carried him from the back with everything and then received a response in the ankle. Yellow for both, a very delicate situation for the central defender.

Although the first half hour of the match still claimed ownership, Brazil tilted the field from there and began to strike but, paradoxically, it was Spain that was able to strike first. Asensio hung from the right, padded towards the center Oyarzabal and when he was about to impale Olmo, the Herculean Diego Carlos left him half, so impetuous in the correction that with the first touch he directed the leather himself towards the goal. It corrected immediately.

After the approach, Brazil started the download. Simón stopped Richarlison for the first time after Claudinho left in the area and on the 10th he tried again with a shot at the first touch that got tangled in the side of the net.

The threat later resulted in a shove. Simón went from braking to repel a center and rammed Cunha with his knee, big and aggressive, knife in hand all the time, enjoying his body. From the outset, the referee did not consider the action, but in the end the video intervened and signaled the penalty.

Overconfident, Richarlison reveled in the paradity and his body slid slightly backward, poorly compensated. High ball, pardon and another shock for Spain, lack of legs and again without Pedri’s compass. Saturated and out of fuel, the canary was neutralized and the game was too predictable. Without its lucidity, the plain.

Asensio appeared shyly, rehearsing with the redeeming thread of the semifinals, and later he played with fire Arana, showing his elbow in the jump when he had already been cautioned. And the blow came next, while the ball fluttered through the air, demanding owner.

A chain of errors enabled Cunha in the red zone and the ram riveted. Alves anticipated Cucurella, and Pau Torres and Eric García rose late and without faith, nothing synchronized, neither one nor the other. Added time, a brutal slap. The passage through the locker room did not stop the bleeding and Brazil stampeded, vertical and launched in search of a second bite that would put the tie to victory.

However, Spain was rehabilitated with the entry of Carlos Soler and Bryan Gil, an injection of taurine to give a swerve to the pulse. Until then seized, De la Fuente’s team perked up and stretched. But before waking up, Brazil had it. On the run, Richarlison was in a frank position: the striker abruptly feigned, deceived Óscar Gil and Simón’s touch sent the crossbar and avoided the goal.

Overcome the chill, another game. Re-energized, Spain stirred and Brazil, touched because all forgiveness is usually paid, shrunk. In those, Gil and Soler were associated, one to another and the Valencian serving tense so that Oyarzabal flew with violence. Touché .

Óscar Gil joined the onslaught, whose center was poisoning himself until he hit the crossbar, and the misfortune was repeated two minutes later, in 87, when Bryan Gil did one of his and also crashed with the crossbar. The Andalusian, incisive every second that he is on the green, armed his leg on a tile and unloaded the shoe, but did not want to enter.

There was the gold, the reissue of ’92. Then the Brazilian coach moved, four relays to recover the wings. And one of them, that extreme who was sneered at at the Camp Nou, a fleeting and strange step for Malcom, decided.

Vallejo, who had entered next to Miranda to refresh the lanes, misjudged Antony’s diagonal displacement and behind him the ex-azulgrana burst like a rocket, with the stinger at the ready. The attacker oriented, crossed and although Simón touched with his left foot, the ball found the net. The rebellion on the part of Spain is over. Hard epilogue.

Bittersweet outcome for a generation that closes a brilliant cycle, from 2015 to today, from Greece to Japan. Two Europeans in between in the windows. In stumbling blocks from day one, silver is no small prize. Brazil played in Yokohama, a fetish stadium for La Canarinha. Capricious fate: from Ronaldo to Malcom. Lost sovereignty among the majors , it has definitely taken over the Olympic stage.