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New DualShock Patent Adds Two Additional Triggers

New DualShock Patent Adds Two Additional Triggers

Sony continues to find different ways to help the new DualShock controller develop for diverse functionalities and support of the next generation.

Last week, the PlayStation company received another patent approval (via Bleeding Cool) adding two additional triggers to the original controller’s back. The new triggers are positioned below and behind the current ones on the basis of the attached schematics and are designed to be used by the middle fingers. Additionally, the new triggers tend to be fully programmable, which means that if appropriate they can perform the same functions on the controller as other keys.

With the exception of the latest triggers, the original DualShock controller with the same shape, directional pad and analog sticks remains similar to the current DualShock 4. Only the absence of the PlayStation button is special on the front.

The patent does not claim that this new controller is designed for which PlayStation console. Given that the patent specifies a micro-USB at the top of the controller, it is likely for a new DualShock 4 version as DualShock 5 has instead a USB-C connection. That being said, it is never assured this proprietary inventions will be produced.

The latest DualShock 5, when it comes to triggers, will feature new adaptive triggers that will deliver different resistance levels. The stress in the adaptive triggers will vary in each situation, whether you pull an arrow on a bow or fire a machine gun in a trench. Sony believes that once you’re used to it, you’re actually going to be able to distinguish between weapons just by how you feel the adaptive triggers. In addition, highly programmable voice-coil actuators have been fitted into the controller’s left and right grips for improved haptic feedback, which will respond to any in-game action on PlayStation 5 for what Sony calls “surprising effects.”

In the past few months, Sony has patented a few other DualShock controllers as well. The company recently patented a multifunctional controller that can be connected to other devices such as a console, smart TV set, or smartphone with either an internet connection or a bluetooth connection. Sony’s built-in touchscreen allows the user to access features such as music listening, checking emails, sending messages, installing and playing games, displaying photos, and other social activities.

The PlayStation 5 set to launch in the 2020 holiday season, Sony is expected to shortly announce its console of the next generation. Only then can it be determined what DualShock 5 apps (or any different models) can support.

New DualShock Patent Adds Two Additional Triggers
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