Ideal Christmas Gift Ideas For People With Anxiety

Christmas is the best time of the year for finding presents for loved ones. The best kind of gifts are those that the receiver would not think to buy themselves. Gifts should also be personable, as well as practicable for the recipient. People who have anxiety would appreciate these personable gifts more than anyone, especially when it comes to easing their symptoms.

Here are 8 gift ideas for people with anxiety that are guaranteed to make their Christmas day extra special:

Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets have been around for a while, but they have recently surged in popularity for people who suffer from anxiety and for those people who find comfort in the weighted feeling. Sometimes when you are having an anxious episode, a human hug is all you need, and a weighted blanket is the second best thing for this. Weighted blankets also have shown results in improving people’s sleep, so if anxiety keeps your loved ones up at night expect them to have a much better sleeping experience.

Cosy Tracksuit

Following on from the topic of staying cosy, buying your loved one some new cosy clothing would be a valuable gift to help them manage their anxiety. Anxiety comes with many different problems that can come in the form of appearance insecurities. Investing in some new stylish clothing for them such as womens tracksuits or maybe a warm coat will give them one less thing to worry about.


Diffusers and essential oils are great for regulating mood and bringing down any stress levels when facing an anxiety attack. Scents such as lavender are known for having relaxing properties, and taking it a step further and buying them a diffuser to easily fill their room with these calming scents will be a great Christmas gift. 


On the topic of aromatherapy, candles can also give off amazing scents that induce people into a state of relaxation. Candles are great to have handy when you are trying to unwind perhaps in the bath, or if your loved one is an avid mediator they can help to ground you. Candles again can come in many different scents, and you can never have too many! Just make sure you have a safe candle holder to accompany your candles if you are gifting them.

Mindful Reading 

There are loads of great reading materials that help teach people how to manage their anxiety and eventually cure it altogether. Books such as ‘ Why Has No One Told Me This Before’ are known for having valuable information and tips on managing anxieties and dealing with past traumas. If you know your loved one will not read anything, consider buying them an Audible membership which will allow them to listen to the authors read the book. This might take some pressure away from needing to commit to the book, as they can listen to the audio in their own time or as an escape when they are feeling overwhelmed. 

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great exercise for building mental strength whilst also working on your physical strength. Exercise classes are expensive these days, and it can feel especially awkward going to a class by yourself when you already have reservations about going. Consider buying your loved one a joint ticket to join you or bring a friend to a yoga class. It can help them manage their negative thoughts and ground their focus on the present moment.

Spa Day 

If you like the idea of giving them an experience day, you should buy them a spa day for Christmas. Spa days are the ultimate break from everyday struggles to solely focus on your self-care and mental well-being. There are thousands of spa facilities that offer services that are specific for dealing with symptoms of anxiety such as massages and scalp massages. Anxiety can build up a lot of stress and tension throughout your body, therefore getting a strong massage to release these tensions will help your loved one manage their emotions.

Anxiety Journal 

Anxiety journals are a powerful tool used to help anxiety-suffering individuals reflect on their thoughts and mood throughout the day. It can be beneficial for people to write things down when they feel as though they are struggling and heading into a dark place. Writing things down allows the ruminating thoughts to be placed in front of you instead of weighing in your head. People with anxiety have benefitted from such practices, and it can alleviate the effects that anxiety has on their everyday behaviour.