Babies are tiny creatures with a ton of needs. The struggle is real when you are a new parent and have no idea what you need for your little human. Shopping for your baby may both be exhausting and a fun experience but try not falling for the cute little things.  Here is a list of baby essentials. 


Dress your baby in layers from head to toe during cold nights and hop them into sleeveless and shorts on hot summer days. It is highly recommended to choose fine organic clothes as it is soft and does not rub against the baby’s skin. Since Cotton is a natural fabric, it is non-allergic and permits better aeration. Never use Teflon-coated garments which emit toxic gases and can catch fire when exposed to heat. Avoid clothes that are made out of polyester, nylon, acrylic and acetate  as the compounds present in the fabric can cause allergies, asthma and other serious health hazards. Also, be sure to pick well-made clothes that will hold up through several washings.


Make your wise choice between crib and cradle . Make sure that the rails are free from any unfinished particles which otherwise may tear your baby’s skin or cause injury. Lay a flat cotton bed that supports your baby’s head  firmly and layer the bed with a bassinet sheet that is organic and pee proof. Further add soft blankets and pillows to complete the look.  Also, place a cloth that carries your natural odour besides, as the baby’s nose knows the mother’s smell and will enhance a secure feeling.


Baby grooming includes baby massages with pure coconut oil that aids in retaining the moisture on head and body followed by a warm sponge bath. It is highly recommended to bathe the newborn by placing them on lap or feet until the umbilical area is healed  for the baby to be placed in a plastic basin . Always use mild shampoo and soaps that are free from chemicals and fragrance. Wrap the little boo on a clean and soft towel to pat dry .You might use a soft bristled brush Check on their tiny nostrils frequently to clear out any entrapped particles which otherwise may lead to a stuffy nose that upset your baby.You can also use nasal spray and steam clean to relieve congestion. Be sure to trim the nails regularly in order to prevent scratches on the face .

4. Diapers

Baby’s bum is not meant to be wrapped with regular clothes as they are more susceptible to rashes.Instead, use disposable diapers which are more convenient and potentially more sanitary. Also, cloth diapers are recommended as it costs less, reusable and more comfortable. Cloth diapers are different from clothes that are used as diapers.

5. First Aids

  • A rectal thermometer – to keep a track of the temperature
  • Cotton balls and cotton wipes for the Soft skin
  • Saline drops to ease the nasal congestion
  • Humidifiers – to add moisture into the air
  • Cough syrup – to treat dry coughs
  • Hand sanitizers, as they are easily prone to infection
  • Moisturizers are a must!
  • Pacifiers, just in case

 4.Other Supplies

  • A handy napkin or sheets that insulate spilling
  • A breast pump to build milk supply and store extra milk
  • A little spoon and a bowl to feed any grounded solids.
  • A clean bottle to store water.
  • Use mosquito sprays and gels to keep them away from pests and it is highly advisable to avoid repellents and coils.
  • Soft toys, while picking  toys for babies make sure that they are free from hazards and dyes.
  • Infant seats in cars – to face the rear of the car as this is the position in which a baby’s developing and neck muscles are protected.
  • Sunshade for car windows – Your newborn should be kept out of direct sunlight to protect the sensitive skin. Place a sunshade on the back windows of your car to prevent the entry of sunlight.

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