Facebook Lite Apk

Facebook Lite Apk

Facebook Lite Apk is the biggest social networking application with over 2.38 Billion active users worldwide. It was initiated by 5 brilliant Harvard dropouts in California and has since made over 55.8 Billion in revenue by providing online communication and media sharing features on its app. Facebook for Android is an amazing way to instantly connect with your friends and family, share everyday moments with them and checking daily affairs on its news feed.

Facebook lite APK is a lighter, more accessible version of this social media sensation that lets you create a profile, check out news from around the world, follow your favorite celebrities and media outlets and even build business pages to reach a huge audience.

Facebook APK 2019 serves multiple purposes by letting you check ratings of various brands, sharing photos, videos and textual status with all of your friends and planning social events all in one place. It has grown tremendously to become the third most browsed platform in the world.

The Facebook APK latest version we provide in this article is packed with all social networking features that the original FB App offers. However, it has a lower file size that will help you save storage space.

The app comes with Facebook Messenger APK add-on, which is an instant messaging app solely made for exchanging texts, files, stickers, and multimedia with your Facebook friends. Though this social networking app is much more than just sharing photos and chatting online, it can be used to log-in on tonnes of useful third-party software and apps like Dropbox.

Facebook Lite APK keeps you updated about celeb gossip, fashion trends, business news and has something in store for everyone to enjoy. Sellers, buyers and the general population love Facebook alike. Facebook has different features for different user demographic.

Chat with Pokes, Greetings, Waves and 10,000+ stickers!

Facebook New Version 2019 revolutionized the way people communicated back when it was newly launched. It facilitates one of the fastest, most fun way to chat with your friends online. You can send and receive emojis, stickers, text messages, files, word documents, links, images, music all in one place. The camcorder icon on the far right corner also lets you get on an instant video call with your friends.

Update 24-hour Stories, Create Pages and Groups in Your Favourite Category!

Once your Facebook app download is complete, you can set up an account, update your profile information and add a display picture. The app also has an amazing feature that lets you update temporary stories that your friends can view for 24 hours, after which they automatically disappear. Use 30+ augmented reality-powered filters while clicking pictures or give your friends everyday life updates in one click. Watch what your friends are up to on their Facebook story that appears on your News Feed.

This Facebook APK download also lets you create business pages and groups to build tight-knit online communities of like-minded people from around the world. Share insights, promote your business page with customized advertisements and directly sell physical or digital products to a huge customer base on Facebook.

Follow Celebrities, Media Outlets and Brands- Know what they’re up to!

Download Facebook to keep up with everything your favorite celebrities are doing on a daily basis. Most popular singers, movie stars, sports personalities, supermodels and political figures have dedicated Facebook pages that they operate themselves. Legendary celebs like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Vin Diesel, Meghan Fox, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Taylor Swift and Shakira have a Facebook page with millions of followers. Huge media companies like CNN, Aaj Tak, News Corp, Walt Disney, etc. also have a strong presence on the platform.

Fundraising and Donation Made Easy with Facebook APK!

The Facebook update 2019 introduced a new ‘Donation’ button on pages of non-profit organizations, using which they could raise money for noble causes. Facebook APK for Android now gives all users an opportunity to launch fundraising campaigns and raise money for issues like healthcare for the needy or refugee relief. The platform has raised millions for users worldwide and has gained widespread praise for its participation in social work.

Grow Your Business, Run Ads and Build Loyal Communities on Facebook

Regardless of which industry you operate in, Facebook app for Android can be an amazing online resource to grow your business and present your service directly to an eager customer base. Create a page dedicated to your business, add information about it, make interactive posts and launch targeted advertisements so your ideal customers can find you on the platform.

Many local businesses and e-commerce stores worldwide have earned millions given their strong Facebook presence and have used it to strengthen their brand’s authority. The Free Facebook App For Android has different categories for a business page:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Website owners or business managers can use Facebook APK to build strong communities and interact one-on-one with their audience. They can share videos, updates, images, stories, and insights on their page and gain global recognition.

Find Social Events, Look Up Reviews and Ratings and Enjoy Gaming with Your Friends!

Most local restaurants, hotels, cafés, and salons have a Facebook page that displays genuine customer ratings you can check out before visiting. Facebook APK also has an awesome feature that lets you browse events around you, speak to the organizer and RSVP the entry fee directly without any commission being taken.

The Facebook New version 2019 also connects with tonnes of fun games that you can play on multiplayer mode with your friends. Some wildly popular gameplays like Farmville, Zynga Poker, MindJolt, Biotronic and Restaurant City were powered by Facebook connectivity.

Facebook APK: Technical Specifications

In order to Download Facebook APK Latest Version For Android, make sure your device possesses all the technical abilities to get it stored. Facebook APK we’re mentioning in this article is a virus-free and reliable source to enjoy this wonderful social network.

The app has over eleven updates and requires a total of 53 permissions, including Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Storage, etc.

Last Updated14th May 2019
App Versionv219.
Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.1 & Higher
App Size50 MB
License TypeFree!


Download Facebook APK Free for Android devices to find friends and family from around the world, share everyday moments, follow your favorite brands online and chat with anyone instantly, from anywhere in the world. Join the biggest social networking platform and have a personalized timeline packed with posts that suit your preference.

Backup your pictures and videos by saving them in Facebook albums and look up social events around you in a click. This Facebook APK free download comes with all the amazing features of the original app while having a lower file size.

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