A collaborative effort amongst URLO studio and architects Juan Ruiz and Amelia Tapia has led to the creation of a tranquil and inviting design. Dubbed the ‘Breakroom in the Orchard,’ this project was commissioned by an Ecuador-based environmental consulting company that wanted to turn their outdoor space into a multifunctional break area.

The newly-built staff breakroom is located in the backyard of the property. The main challenge was to blend the original landscape and vegetation with the new staff lounge. URLO studio came up with the idea of constructing a cantilevered roof that has semi-circular openings throughout. The openings allow for the original trees to continue growing while simultaneously offering protection from the elements. The space is completed with a long dining table and a sleek kitchenette which allows for a relaxed and functional break space.

Image Credit: Diego Puente, URLO studio, designboom, designboom

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