Showers are among the few times of the day when most people can get away from their worldly problems, relax, breathe and refresh their body, mind and soul, but a good shower experience can easily be upended if followed by the use of a grizzled, heavy, non-absorbent and generally unsavory towel, a problem which MP Magic’s waffle-knit Egyptian cotton towel is looking to banish.

Although the towel is one of the most ubiquitous accessories in the world, most towels require compromise on some level. Want a very absorbent towel? You may have to contend with a heavyweight towel then. Want a quick-drying and lightweight towel? Then prepare to compromise on absorbency.

MP Magic does away with this dance of compromises with the use of Giza 86 cotton sourced from Egypt, combined with an innovative waffle-knitting technique that makes for a towel that is lightweight, quick-drying, absorbent and exceptionally comforting to the touch. As one might expect from a strain of cotton named after the most famed pyramids located in one of the ancient world’s most celebrated purveyors of cotton, the Giza 86 material is quite simply the cream of the crop. Cultivated along the mystic banks of the Nile river, Giza 86 cotton is the gold standard of Egyptian cotton, with its handpicked harvest allowing for the highest level of quality control which translates to truly ethereal softness and durability. Additionally, the cotton is of a long-staple variety, which means it has fewer ends and allows for tighter kitting without the fraying and tearing associated with lower-grade cotton. As far as functionality is concerned, this translates to exceptional absorbency.

However, even the use of the best quality materials means nothing if it isn’t combined with cutting-edge technology and design, which is where the use of waffle-knitting techniques come into play. The MP Magic cotton towel is the byproduct of a low-twist yarn process that allows for increased space between fibers, which contributes to the towel’s quick-drying characteristics whilst also curbing the risk of mildew.

It’s true that there are other highly absorbent towels on the market, but the absorbency tends to come with the caveat of extreme thickness and weight, which can result in the simple act of drying your scalp feeling like a shoulder workout session at the gym. It is also certainly the case that there are other waffle-knit towels available, but these tend to suffer from stiffness and heaviness.

With the advent of this waffle-knit towel crafted from Giza 86 cotton, MP Magic has well and truly hit it out of the park, creating a towel that is lightweight, absorbent, fast-drying and durable. The towel is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and can be obtained for a pledge of $30.

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