Architecture student Amirhossein Nourbakhsh has designed an extraordinary bridge concept between two rocky cliffs in British Columbia, Canada. The concept is called Valley Residential Bridge and doubles as both a functional walkway and a lookout point that offers sweeping views of the BC mountainscape.

The bridge avoids interfering with the natural landscape and sits atop a flat surface. The bridge is designed to connect the entranceway of a residence to the residential units themselves. The design features a thirteen-storied residence that is carefully nestled between two mountainous volumes and above a body of water. The sweeping views of the ocean and mountain range can be enjoyed by the personal balconies or, more prominently, on the pedestrian walkway.

This unique design concept offers an immersive approach to living with and experiencing nature.

Image Credit: Amirhossein Nourbakhsh, designboom, designboom

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