CTO Lighting unveiled its new lighting collection, which boasts a sleek and romantic aesthetic. Designed by Federico Peri, the Modulo collection offers a range of chandeliers, pendants, and wall lights, all made of oblong glass modules inserted into sculpted pieces of metalwork. The line was inspired by Federico Peri’s childhood, where he spent a great deal of time at his grandfather’s metalwork factory.

The result is a series of highly aestheticized pieces of metal, each featuring its unique imperfections and quarks. The dimmable LED lights are covered by smooth opal glass that picks up on the brassy tones of the metal. Among the numerous pieces is the Modulo chandelier, which consists of 11 opal domes suspended on a metal structure in the shape of a grid. The warm tones from the light and metal create a romantic and refined mood that will elevate any space.

Image Credit: CTO Lighting

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