Parachute, a luxury home product retailer based in Los Angeles, has launched its first-ever furniture collection — three upholstered bed frames offered in seven different fabrics. Designed in-house and crafted from high-quality materials, these chic bed frames are intended to evoke famous Californian nature scenes.

For example, the ‘Canyon Bed’ design was inspired by the winding curves of the Laurel Canyon, which are reflected in the frame’s softly curved silhouette. Meanwhile, the ‘Dune Bed’ draws from the breathtaking dunes found in the Mojave desert, presenting a perfectly symmetrical split back that can be paired with a range of soothing, sand-colored fabrics. Lastly, the ‘Horizon Bed’ evokes the sunrise found over Venice Beach, delivering an arched headboard with radiating lines.

Parachute’s newest collection is sure to please fans of the brand, which has already managed to build a devoted following thanks to its high-end mattresses and loungewear,

Image Credit: Parachute

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