Mask Architects designed a sustainable housing development that has a rather dystopic and futuristic feel. Named Madre Natura, this housing development was inspired by artist Constantino Nivola’s infamous La Madre sculpture.

The project was designed for a richly foliated plot of land in Sardinia, Italy, and will aid in developing a new identity for the city Orani. The design firm plans to employ a 3D-printed exoskeleton construction – which essentially will build all the functional elements for each unit. Each house will be individually equipped with an energy tower that generates power through solar and wind.

The project harmonizes art, architecture, and sustainable technology, and as a result, creates a liveable piece of art. The housing units will sit staggered along the slopping Sardinian mountainside and will create a multi-leveled and rather foreign-looking housing complex.

Image Credit: Mask Architects, designboom, designboom

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