RED Arquitectos have completed a geometric, earth-toned house located in the heart of Mexico’s Baja peninsula. Named Casa Calafia, this home is inspired by local traditions and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The home was commissioned by an American couple who wanted their holiday abode to embrace the ethos of a mythical character that first appeared in the Spanish novel “Las Sergas de Esplandi├ín.”

The home’s facade is adorned with circular windows, arched entrances, and double doors, and the result is an expressive, sculptural and nontraditional dwelling. The entire structure is slightly elevated, which offers uninterrupted views of the ocean and the natural surroundings. Moreover, the facade is covered with cement and natural pigments, which speaks to the desert landscape and allows the structural form to stand against the blue sky.

Image Credit: Miguel Angel Vazquez Calanchini

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