Delo, a Russian design studio, has given waste a new meaning with the launch of its 3D printed seat. Made from recycled plastic yogurt cups, the ‘Rechair’ boasts a sleek design and eco-aware design.

The ‘Rechair’ is made of two separate pieces – a metal frame and a 3D-printed seat. Delo used a 3D printer by EBURET studio, which specializes in recycled plastic. The 3D-printed seat has a textured finish which adds depth to the overall design and aesthetic.

The project aims to normalize the use of recycled plastic as an elevated building material. The design team explains, “what we want to emphasize is that the objects made from recycled plastic are not an abstract or distant idea, but a new part of the reality we live in.” The chair is designed for mass production and sparks conversation surrounding sustainability and design.

Image Credit: Delo, designboom, designboom

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