Whitaker Studio has completed a unique restaurant design located on the island of Mauritius. The project was commissioned by a married couple who moved to Mauritius to open their fine-dining establishment after many years of working in the fast-paced Parisian dining scene.

The goal for the space was to create an intimate environment where patrons could interact with the chefs preparing their meals. To achieve such a space, the architecture firm collaborated with the London-based engineers AKT to create a unique structure that resembles a blossoming flower. The restaurant is a sculptural work made of triangulated polycarbonate shingles. The shingles are attached in a way that makes an abstracted flower-like shape. Dining tables are dispersed around the kitchen, which sits prominently in the middle of the restaurant and can be seen from every angle.

The design balances simplicity with intricate geometry to create a warm fine-dining experience.

Image Credit: Whitaker Studio, designboom, designboom

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