The Imaginary Sea is an exhibition informed by the sub-aquatic. On view at the Foundation Carmigna on Porquerolles, the installation will run until October 17th, 2021. The show is staged indoors, outdoors, and underwater. To accomplish its dynamic installation locations, Chris Sharp, the brainpower behind the project, transformed the Fondation’s galleries into a sub-aquatic museum.

Sharp urges viewers to explore humanity’s relationship with the sea as a source of fear, exploitation, eco-anxiety, and mystery. The Imaginary Sea frames the marine world using works from Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Dora Maar, Lin May Saeed, Jeff Koons, Camille Henrot, and Allison Katz. Overall, the exhibition aims to portray the undersea world’s endangerment due to pollution and climate change.

Image Credit: The Imaginary Sea

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