How to Integrate WhatsApp For the Website

Integrate WhatsApp Business

By utilizing the whole potential of WhatsApp Business API, Bulk SMS Service Provider gives you the freedom to connect with your consumers, broadcast offers and promotions, address customer care issues via chatbots or live chat, lower your RTO (return to origin), acquire repeat business, and more.

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business, a separate platform for businesses. This made utilizing personal WhatsApp numbers for work purposes less complicated. 

It differs from other Enterprise level messaging systems with added capabilities like Address addition, verification, etc. It does not, however, offer a way to add WhatsApp to websites or Facebook pages.

The methods to integrate WhatsApp Business on your website for your business are fully explained in the following comprehensive tutorial.

How Can WhatsApp Business Be Integrated Into A Website?

You might not be able to incorporate any direct text options into the website because WhatsApp only supports mobile platforms, in contrast to Messenger messaging pop-ups, etc. In any case, WhatsApp officially lays the groundwork for WhatsApp for website integration utilizing an API connection or direct app trigger calling. 

In any case, consumers may quickly contact your WhatsApp Business contact by clicking the targeted button on your website. 

Here are some tried-and-true techniques for integrating a WhatsApp Business or Enterprise account with your website. 

Both Android and iOS smartphones may be used seamlessly using these techniques.

Using a hyperlink, integrate WhatsApp Business with your website:

A straightforward URL may be used to incorporate a Message to WhatsApp button onto your website. 

When using WhatsApp on the web, it will take you to the WhatsApp web page with the targeted number’s texting window. 

  • To update, launch your website or the desired webpage.
  • Text that users may click on should be included.
  • Link to the target text using the following syntax:
  • When you click the message, you may optionally add a default message to be sent.
  • With your preferred message in lieu of the text after “text=”, put “%20” in its place.
  • When visitors click the button on your website, add the URL if you want a specific set of texts to be sent or sent.

Utilizing basic text hyperlinking to add the WhatsApp Business contact link to the website might not be as effective as using regular website widgets. 

We can only point users to WhatsApp Messenger using the existing widgets or buttons because Facebook Messenger and standard WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business do not permit messaging integration to websites. 

There are a lot of websites that offer floating buttons for WhatsApp Marketing Messages that may be customized and have interactive features. 

The majority of them are written in JavaScript, making it simple to add them to your website.

Add the Link to Launch the Android WhatsApp App

As was already said, adding the WhatsApp messaging link to your website is simple and straightforward. 

Depending on the device they use, it will link the users to the WhatsApp app or website. If you want to have the action happen solely for Android users, follow these steps. 

Since Android-powered devices are the primary target audience for the apps, this is mostly utilized with Android app development.

Only Android handsets and the most recent versions of Google Chrome and WhatsApp are compatible with the approach. 

Therefore, use the initial techniques to initiate the activity on any smartphone.

How Can WhatsApp Business Number Be Integrated With A Facebook Page?

There is no simple method to add your WhatsApp Business number to the Facebook page that you are in charge of. 

This is a completely different situation. Despite the fact that Facebook owns and operates WhatsApp, users cannot yet connect their WhatsApp Business numbers to their Facebook sites. 

You might, however, use a few techniques to link your Facebook profile with your WhatsApp Business number.

Directly connecting your Facebook profile with WhatsApp is not a useful choice. However, if you place an ad on the site, you may include the WhatsApp Messaging button immediately. 

Fortunately, the WhatsApp Now button on your Facebook profile allows you to design and distribute ads.

  1. Enter the Ad area on your Facebook profile by going there.
  2. Select Messages under As Creation.
  3. From the drop-down selection for message destinations, select WhatsApp.
  4. Choose “Add an existing account” and provide the proper country code for your WhatsApp Business number. Use the OTP (One-Time-Password) that was issued to your phone to validate the number.
  5. Finish setting up your remaining ads and launching the campaign.


The ways to combine WhatsApp Business with websites and Facebook pages that were just mentioned work best with business accounts, not personal ones. 

If you want to combine WhatsApp with your company website or Facebook page, this is a really practical method.

Your agents can access your WhatsApp company on many devices with the help of a bulk SMS service provider. 

Connect one or more Whatsapp accounts to handle all chats in a single location. It takes two minutes to set up everything.

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