Pablo Iglesias Charges Against Ferreras And Ana Rosa

Pablo Iglesias has reappeared this Friday to announce his incorporation as a talk show host in the radio program El món a RAC 1 , directed by Jordi Basté. In his first statements, the former vice president charged, once again, against Antonio García Ferreras , Vicente Vallés and Ana Rosa Quintana.

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He has done it to deny the hoax about his private life of leaving for Barcelona leaving his family in Madrid. “It is a classic of the way hoaxes and the far-right work in Spain,” said the former leader of United We, and then stoked Atresmedia.

“A far-right digital publishes a lie that is later echoed by large televisions, in this case the Atresmedia media,” he said. “It is a modus operandi that explains that in this country, within two years we can have Vox within the Council of Ministers.”

Iglesias reappears charging against Ferreras and Ana Rosa: “They whitewash hitmen of information”
Iglesias has been firm in stating that “there is a media power structure that in Spain has whitewashed the extreme right” and that “there have been media that have whitewashed real information hit men like Eduardo Inda.”

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The former vice president of the Government has not cut himself when it comes to bringing his own names to the fore, whom he accuses of this whitewashing: “Behind are the Vallés, the Ferreras or the Ana Rosa.”