Home Decor: Fabrics for class and comfort

Home Decor: Fabrics for class and comfort

Fabrics are enjoyed all over the world in the fashion industry, wall decors, table mats, and many more. Wherever you choose a fabric it adds some flavor to the surroundings, with its bright, cool, dusky colors, giving you all the vibes you need when you sit at your home with loose clothes.

One of the best feelings is when you come back home, sitting on your sofa with a remote and coffee in your hand, with an extremely comfortable cushion. Home decor is incomplete without flawless-looking cushion covers. You can opt for wild animal prints or a soft breeze of floral prints. But while you are buying covers, a dilemma comes when you have to pick the fabric

Most of us just go for looks rather than going for comfort as well. The cushion is the most important part of the living room or outdoor sitting and is also the most ignored one. When it comes to the spillage of a drink or any spot of food, you need a fabric that is easily washable of these stubborn stains. Many fabrics look good but they are not easy to take care of. So it is necessary to have knowledge about which fabric is suitable for which weather.  

The best home decor fabrics are:


Along with clothing cotton is the most popular choice for cushion fabrics. It consists of qualities like, it is breathable, durable, easy to take care of, easily dyeable, and suitable for all skin types. Everyone loves to have this fabric, it comes in a variety of colors, and its cooling texture gives you cool vibes in all weathers. The only concern about this fabric is that it is for indoor use only as if this fabric gets wet or stays dry for a longer period of time it may get damaged.        


It is a natural fiber like cotton, also a cool and comforting fabric. As it is moisture resistant, it is best for both indoor as well as for outdoor cushions. This fabric is also light in weight. Along with cushions, it is a great choice for tablecloths, napkins, and bedsheets. 


An extremely strong fabric that can bear extreme outdoor weather conditions. It is a plain woven fabric naturally made from cotton blended with synthetic fibers. The qualities of this fabric are that it is durable, easily washable, and water resistant.  


If you want to go for a classy look, silk fabric is the finest option. These are specially meant for indoor use, as the sunlight weakens the texture of the fabric. Natural fiber with a soft touch, although its maintenance is quite high. Its soft texture is beneficial for people who have excess hair fall.     


Lacking aesthetic looks?

A great option for giving your cushions a rustic look. It is hypo-allergic and flame resistant. But the problem comes when it comes to washing, it is hard to take care of it. 


This fabric will give you a royal look, along with comfort, it has a smooth texture. It is originally made from pure silk or sometimes with natural or synthetic fibers. 


It is a synthetic man-made fiber derived from petrochemicals. The quality of this fabric is that it is abrasion resistant and can stand in any weather. Available in bold prints and bright colors. Even if you squeeze them they won’t get crushed easily or lose their shape. This fabric also is a great pick for winter. 


Polyester is a synthetic fiber obtained from petroleum. It dries quickly and fades less as compared to other fabrics. They are less absorbent, which means it doesn’t hold on to stains, and neither it gets wrinkled easily. It is also a good option for outdoors but only for winters, as they trap heat and in any other season it won’t allow your skin to breathe.    If you are not able to find the right fabric or design of your choice.

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