6 Useful Ways to Maintain Efficiency of Commuter Motorcycle Battery


Managing the condition of the motorcycle is an integral responsibility for being an experienced rider. Not just the regular bike’s service and cleaning, but it is also required to maintain the battery life of your motorcycle. It does not make any difference if you are looking to buy online bikes of a particular brand or already have one, you can improve the battery condition of the bike with essential maintenance tips.

So, here in this blog, we will be discussing six useful ways to manage the condition of your commuter motorcycle’s battery. And in return experience seamless power and prevent unexpected failures with ease and comfort.

Essential bike maintenance tips

It is a matter of crucial concern that you take care of your motorcycle and its parts for experiencing a seamless riding experience ahead. For the purpose, of timely cleaning the vehicle, buying bike parts online for the replacement purpose, undergoing regular service, and more. In addition to all these, you must check the current motorcycle’s condition for maintenance purposes. And to fulfill the same, you must focus on the following essential things.

· Check & clean battery terminals: One of the integral parts of your motorcycle battery is the terminal. The metallic terminal area is responsible for transferring electric current from the battery to your bike to function effectively. However, after using the bike for several days and months, the battery terminal might be caused by dirt, dust, or a greasy substance.

Not only this, electrolytes inside the battery can leak and further cause the terminal to capture excessive dirt. As a result of this, terminals fail to receive the electric current from the battery and are further not able to transfer to the ride. In such a scenario, you must clean terminals with the help of a professional battery operative partner.

· Get rid of the sulfate deposit effect: Another common issue to find with the bike’s battery is the sulfation effect. When the electrolyte inside the battery breaks down, it leads to the leakage of sulfate acid coming out of the battery and further affecting the battery terminals.

It again results in inaccurate power from the battery and your motorcycle fails to function properly. Therefore, it is essential to check the electrolyte condition of the battery and repair the same, when required.

· Inspect the battery fuse & replace it: A battery fuse is another major component when broken down will be responsible for temporary or permanent damage. You must check the fuse at regular intervals to make sure the current flows seamlessly right into your motorcycle. Not only this, you can replace the old fuse with a new one after buying the essential online bike accessories in a hassle-free manner.

Additional bike self-maintenance tips

  • At the time of motorcycle service time, ask the professional to check the battery’s fluid and fill up the same when required.
  • Do clean the battery from any kind of pollutant, corrosion, rust, or anything like that.
  • Charge the battery at regular intervals, especially during the cold weather season.

Parking your two-wheeler under the shade

Servicing and changing the bike’s battery are not just the only maintenance essentials. It is further important how are you parking the motorcycle and in what particular condition. As part of the maintenance tip, you must park your motorcycle under the shade with less or no such direct exposure to harsh sunlight.

Especially, during the summer season, avoid parking your motorcycle on bright Sundays. It is always advisable to select a ventilated space to best park the motorcycle and avoid exposure to water, moisture, harsh light, and more.

In case, you do not find a proper indoor parking space for the motorcycle, then choose to cover your bike with a heavy-duty cover. Just make sure the fact that cover you choose must be weatherproof and of high-quality fabric that is sure to last for a long duration of time.

Regularly start your motorcycle

A fuel-powered motorcycle charges the battery after starting the engine and running for the first few kilometers. But in case of idle position, you can start your bike daily and let the engine remains for the next 10-15 minutes. Doing this will charge up the battery to an optimum level and further ensure effective functionality. It will definitely keep your bike’s battery in a good and stable condition for a long.


Taking care of entry-level motorcycle batteries with useful tips and tricks is not a hassle for you. Simply following essential maintenance tips improve the efficacy of your bike’s battery and ensures optimum charge with ease. Also to change other spare parts, specifically for your Hero bike, shop for accessories and genuine spare parts at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform, without going anywhere else