The 3 Areas You May Need to Have Checked at an Auto Repair Service Shop

Auto Repair Service Shop

Car diagnostics can be complex if you are heading in blind. Even with some experience, it can be difficult to know when you have issues or the type of issues your vehicle is facing when many give similar warning signals. Learning knowledge surrounding car maintenance will help you with the health of your car for years to come. Here, we will look into three key services at an auto repair service shop to expand your knowledge. 

Brake Specialists Repair Service

Brakes are the most important feature in your vehicle. If there are errors with your brakes, or they need to be replaced, it will directly result in dangerous crashes. For this reason, it’s crucial you learn the basics when it comes to acknowledging errors. 

Be aware of how your vehicle usually operates, especially when it comes to your breaks. You may notice different vehicles have different brake responses. Once you learn your own, you can generally pick up when  something is off. There could be one signal or a combination of smoke from the tyre areas, a grinding or squealing noise, especially when braking, or difficulty braking.

These signals often occur long after the malfunctions or parts have already worn down. So if you do notice them, head straight to your auto repair service shop. To avoid waiting too long, ensure you get a vehicle servicing on a yearly basis.

Clutch replacement

In most cases, if there are noticeable changes in the way your vehicle is running, there is most likely something wrong on a deeper level. When it comes to clutch replacement, this may be needed under a few different conditions – unusual sounds, vibration, smells or difficulty when you shift gears. While vibration can be a signal for an additional malfunction within the vehicle, you will know it’s related to the clutch when  the vibration only starts when you change gears.

General Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

Think of it like a yearly check up with your dentist. In order to have healthy teeth and avoid facing issues where you need to pull out teeth altogether, you need to have checks and make small amends such as fillings. In the same light, a yearly check in what we will call a Warrant of Fitness (WOF), will help avoid irreversible damage to your vehicle. This vehicle servicing covers checks of the crucial parts of your vehicle to help ensure road safety. 

It’s important to note issues still do arise throughout the year, although are far less likely to happen. And even more so, if the mechanics pick up imminent issues in the vehicle servicing, they can be amended before enabling much larger issues. In some cases, avoiding issues can result in the vehicle being a write off altogether. 

With this car diagnostics knowledge on hand, we hope you have a better understanding of the times you really do need to take your vehicle in for servicing at an auto repair service shop. Don’t ignore warning signals – you’d rather be safe than sorry! 
Olivia Fairhurst is a Content Manager for Tony Allen Auto Service, an auto repair service shop in Manukau, Auckland.